Silver Labrador Retrievers - Puppies Due End Of May 2014
Welcome To Silver Feather's Labradors - Lily's Second Litter - Due End of May 2014 - Accepting Depos
Welcome to Worley's Silver Feather's Labradors!!! 

We are a very small breeder of AKC Registered Labrador Retrievers.  We currently consist of two females, Tiger "Lily" (named after the Indian Princess in Peter Pan) and her daughter, Princess Chero"Keeta".  Lily, Keeta and I (they love me the most), my husband and our two children live on 110 acres in Northwest Pennsylvania.  We are about one hour south of Erie, PA and about an hour and a half north of Pittsburgh, PA and thirty minutes east of Ohio. 

Lily was our first Silver Labrador Retriever and our first with an AKC Labrador pedigree.  My first boy (before kids) was a black Labrador named Angus who is sadly missed, and I could not create a Labrador website without mentioning him, as he is the reason we fell in love with the Labrador breed - Smartest Dogs on the Planet!!!!    

Lily's second litter is due around May 28, 2014 with puppies ready for their new homes after July 23, 2014.  We have kept Cherokeeta from her first litter to continue our breeding program. Keeta is a very light silver and at a little over a year old she has more of an English Labrador look, with a blocky head and short nose as opposed to Lily's field Labrador build of tall and slim.

We are fortunate enough to have woods and warm season grasses surrounding our log cabin and our dogs have full reign of it.  They are rarely on a leash and have been trained on hand commands. Michael is currently working with them both on hunting and retrieving skills.  Lily is a natural.


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